You're thinking,

"yeah sure, but how we are going to do that?"

I'm glad you asked!

First things first, let's remember the real reason behind this photo session.

Sure, you might need a Christmas card picture, and yes, we'll capture that classic smiling-at-the-camera shot. But there's something deeper driving this moment.

You're here to celebrate and cherish your family exactly as they are, right now, in this moment.

I get it – professional photos might not be a regular thing for you. And even if they are, they probably haven't focused on letting your kids be themselves, authentically celebrating your unique family dynamic.

That's why I've put together this guide – to ensure you have the best possible experience, create stunning images, and, above all, have a blast during your session.

This guide covers everything you'll need to prepare, including some insider tips, tricks, and yes, a few hard truths. With years of experience under my belt, I'm here to share what I've learned to make your session unforgettable.

But let me be clear – this isn't a rulebook. Ultimately, this is your session, and my goal is to capture images that truly reflect who you are as a family. So take in the advice and ideas I've laid out here, and together, we'll make magic happen.

Scheduling your session

Let's chat about timing! Weekends are popular, but weekdays offer more privacy. I'm all for meeting at sunrise to beat the heat and catch that gorgeous morning light. Whatever it takes to set the stage for those natural, radiant family moments.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

Turnaround Time: Expect your photos in 2-3 weeks.

Special Occasions: Need photos for Christmas or announcements? Let's plan accordingly.

Weather Worries: Rain or shine, we're flexible. It's Florida, and it rains. If there is lightning in the area, we'll reschedule for sure – safety first! Whatever the weather, let's make sure your session is filled with laughter and genuine connection.


Your session spot should feel like "you." Whether it's a hidden gem or a familiar haunt, I'll work with you to find the perfect backdrop for your family's story, where every corner invites spontaneity and laughter.

Here's What to Consider:

Privacy is Key: No one wants an audience, so let's aim for locations that offer a bit of seclusion allowing your family to relax and be themselves.

Embrace Nature: From woods to beaches, come prepared for adventure! Bug spray and comfy shoes are your friends.

Ready to Roam: Feeling adventurous? I'm up for a road trip, chasing the perfect setting where your family can play, laugh, and make memories together.


Your attire should help show off your family's unique style. Moms, indulge in a manicure and pedicure for that extra boost of confidence. Dads, why not give your wardrobe a couple of stylish upgrades? Let your kids be themselves!

A Few Tips:

Comfort is King: Kids need to be comfy to be themselves. Let them dress in outfits that allow them to run, jump, and be their playful selves.

Confidence is Key: Try on your outfits beforehand, and make sure you feel amazing.

When you're comfortable and confident, your genuine joy will shine through in every photo.

Just Say No: to Apple Watches... or smart bands... Go for a classic timepiece or ditch em all together. Apple Watches will date your photos like nothing else and we're going for timeless moments here!

How to Prepare

As we count down to your session, it's all about those final touches. Stay hydrated, pamper yourselves a bit, and let's avoid sunburn – nobody wants a red nose in their photos! We want you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to embrace the moment with your loved ones.

A Few Last-Minute Reminders:

Hydration Station: Drink up – it's good for the soul and the skin! Hydrated, happy faces make for the best family portraits.

Pamper Time: Moms, indulge a bit, and dads, freshen up that haircut! When you feel your best, your family photos will reflect that joy and confidence.

Snack Attack: Bring along treats to keep the energy up. Hey, sometimes a little bribery goes a long way! I'm a dad to two, soon to be three, boys. Trust me, I get it.

What to Expect

Get ready for a laid-back, fun-filled adventure! We'll start with some classic family portraits right away and then ease into the fun stuff. And don't worry about posing – we're all about capturing those authentic, spontaneous moments.

Here's the Lowdown:

Kid-Friendly Zone: Let your little ones be themselves – we'll roll with whatever antics they bring to the table, creating genuine, heartwarming moments that you'll cherish forever.

Move and Groove: Don't be afraid to keep things flowing. Movement equals magic in our book!

Your Comfort Matters: If something feels off, speak up! Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities.

Chill Time: We'll take breaks as needed, sipping water and swapping stories. It's all about creating a relaxed, enjoyable experience.

Your images will Celebrate your family exactly as they are right here and right now.