When I set out on this adventure to be a traveling photographer, there was one place that my heart constantly yearned to go. I'd never been before and had only seen a few images, but, for some reason, Grand Teton National Park felt like a pilgrimage of sorts. From the moment these mountains came into view my eyes filled with tears and my heart started pounding. I'd never seen anything so breathtaking in my life. And I've been to Nepal, Banff, Israel, etc. All of these places are indescribable in their own way and the beauty of the Grand Tetons doesn't change that. I just remember looking over at my wife Katie and saying "We made it." We finally made it to this place we'd longed for.

Now the only thing that could have made our time there even better was if I was able to photograph a family's love and connection against this incredible backdrop. Enter the Sorrell family...

We know these two from our time in college serving with them on YouthQuest. (This is actually how Katie and I met as well!) When I launched my new website, they saw that I was heading to Wyoming and reached out to set up a session with his family. They drove over 5 hours from Idaho to get in front of my lens and MAN WAS IT WORTH IT. Am I allowed to say that about my own images?!

This family's sweet demeanor and genuine adoration for each other made what was sure to be a beautiful session into something so meaningful and special.

Please scroll on to enjoy these images photographed on Portra 400 film. Shout out to The FIND Lab for always doing a great job developing and scanning my film images.

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